The Meaning of Marlene's


Marlene Lucy was the grandmother of Kim Springer (Marlene's Event Barn Owner). Marlene was known as Grandma Marlene in Kim's family and she chose to live nothing but a smiling, happy life. Grandma Marlene had her share of heartache, losing the love of her life, Leonard Eugene (known as Gene), when she was only 39. Marlene and Eugene had 3 young daughters - Keeley, Kelley (Kim's mother), and Kerry. Grandma Marlene was a strong woman and kept moving forward for her girls. You never found her without a smile on her face. Not only was she Grandma Marlene but also known as "Goofy Grandma". She believed laughter was the world's best medicine. Grandma Marlene passed away in January of 2018 and she is missed dearly everyday. 

Grandma Marlene had a saying she shared with Kim and it resonated with Kim at a young age. The special saying she shared was her 3 keys to a happy life:

1. Something to do

2. Someone to love

3. Something to look forward to

Kim met her husband, Justin Springer, when she was 18. It is an ongoing joke that their marriage was arranged as Kim's father, Jack, was responsible for the setup between Kim and Justin. The two quickly fell in love and following Grandma Marlene's advice Kim knew that forever with this man would meet Grandma's criteria for a happy life. They always had something to do, they indeed loved each other (& still do!), and they love nothing more than having something on the calendar to look forward to.

Kim and Justin married in 2009. Kim had nothing but a great time planning their wedding. Not only did she marry the love of her life but the couple was able to spend that day with all of their special friends and family. 

Kim and Justin have a lot in common and dreaming up what their future looks like has always been a constant past time for them.  There always seems to be a project going on for the couple. Over the past 10 years, they have built two homes, brought 4 beautiful babies into the world (Hoyt, Ruby, Kypp, and Myla), supported Justin's race car addiction, hold full time jobs, lots of play, and still manage to get the kids to bed in time to crack open a bottle of wine. This is what usually leads to the brainstorming of their next adventure.

In 2018,  they decided to put action into their dream. After finding a beautiful piece of land in Metamora, they decided to jump in and build something for everyone to enjoy. With their love of hosting and mission to have a good time with friends and family, building a place for all to gather just seemed right. There is nothing better than hanging in a barn with some cocktails, music, and the ones you love the most. Grandma Marlene had an unique love for barns and farmland. She had many hobbies from gardening to red hatting to Kim's favorite of driving around to simply look at barns and farms. Grandma Marlene would take her Kodak throw away camera and snap photos of old barns around the countryside. Once Kim and Justin decided a barn is what they will build, they knew it would have to be in memory of Grandma Marlene. 

We sure hope Marlene's can become that special place for many families and couples. We want to help others celebrate their love, create special moments and longlasting memories.